Words to Ponder

Time is the coin of your life and only you can determine how it is spent. Be careful or you will let others spend it for you. - Carl Sandburg

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Okay, I am overdue for updating but haven't taken pictures of my latest project yet so will do that soon. So just to change the picture...here's the cutest dog in the UNIVERSE! Even tho I know some would argue with me! Lol


  1. Well, I think Bailey is the second cutest dog in the universe! lol Love the picture though - it brought a smile to my face! Love, Sher

  2. oh my gosh the cutest little bailey and he is looking right at all of us... so glad bill found him for you sandi.. he is a cutie.. and yes sher spike is a cutie too.. love mom
    gramma doesnt want to show favoritism.. but sorry sher i see bailey more and get lots of kisses .. mom